One of the ideas which I have in mind for now is to develop a miniature bug tracker for AtomBB.
With this tracker, you will have a number of tabs on the forum page when that specific forum is set
as a tracker.

These tabs include "Open Issues" and "Closed Issues". Other tabs might come to mind. Sorting
functionality like "Assigned To" will be found in a widget on the sidebar to make it easier for
developers to find issues that have been assigned to them. The issues in the list will be sorted by
priority with the exception of the "New Issues" tab where they will be sorted by when they were last

Additional features which I may add include a type of "voting" system for users to upvote issues
that they find more urgent which should help serious issues gain more visibility over the more
trivial bugs.
Work on this plugin should commence soon, although there are some higher priority tasks that I
currently have to do.