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Coming Soon: Profiles, Titleless Topics, Gadgets
As some of you have noticed, the AtomBB Project has been dormant for quite a while although, I did make some changes here and there however, it's almost time for the next big move in our development.

The Profile System: One of the major features which will take significant resources to get right.

Gadgets: With this, we should close the gap with our paid counter-parts in terms of major features as we'll finally get a customisable sidebar (or two, depends on your theme).

Titleless Topics: As shown in recent advances in social networks, titles are quickly becoming less and less necessary. As such, administrators should be able to lift the title requirement from specific forums which they desire to remove it from.
Titleless Topics have been vastly deprioritised. Originally, it was going to be a side-effect from the profile comments being implemented, however I came up with a simpler profile compared to my original vision.
If anyone wants this then, feel free to say so.

Topic Containers: By moving away from the concept of forums and more towards the concept of containers for topics.. This should simplify implementing threaded communications to profiles and it may even have the bonus of possibly moving topics from one "container" to another.
What does this mean? Imagine this scenario. Two users start having a back and forth irrelevant discussion in a topic in a public forum. Normally, you would close the topic and tell them to take it to the conversations system or their profile however, with this.. You could simply move the topic to their profile and they can just continue the discussion there (this ties in with the titleless topics feature).

Watch out for more in the next few weeks.
This topic has been stuck at the top of the topic list.
Sidebars have been implemented, although some of the features for it require some other major features.

Next is the profile system, will be a tricky one as I'll have to integrate the friends system and the topics system.
As you'd expect, the local moderator is whoever the profile belongs to and supermods+ can moderate it, since moderating everywhere is their job. Profiles for banned users are inaccessible to normal users.

You can also lock down your profile to friends only or to ban users from your profile (throwing this one in here, just so you don't think otherwise) or to have it so comments from non-friends are automatically hidden pending moderation.

This should take care of the basics of what most people expect from a profile system.
Implementing the profile system is taking more refactoring than expected, so I've implemented the Quick Topic system while I do that. The Quick Topic feature was inspired by the Steam Forums where you have the new topic form appear above the topiclist when you hit the button for creating a new topic.

I hope to optimise the performance of the Quick Topics feature but, asides from that.. It seems to be working as intended.
Titleless Topics have been vastly deprioritised, as it's not a dependency for the profile comments anymore. Does anyone want this as a seperate feature?
Plenty of progress has been made on the profile system.
The profile system has been implemented. Improvements to the profile designs will be made during the Design Overhaul including per-profile theme overrides.