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For the best results, view the site in Firefox.
User Agent Sniffing
Currently Atom displays a banner saying "For the best results, view the site in Firefox."  however
atom has not worked out the user is using Firefox .. perhaps atom should do some ua sniffing and
display the message to no Firefox users only .. or  just render a page that suits the user browser

what's this do ? 
Totally don't agree with that. Suggesting that only Firefox is the best browser would be quite
counter productive. I know that Azareal likes Firefox and uses it to develop the software, but UA
sniffing simply to harass non-firefox browser users is not the solution. A general notice would
suffice, although I think the notice is just there to test the notice system.

- Sajuuk

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Oh OK  I was thinking on the lines the message could read 'you are using <browser_name> for better
results use Firefox

what's this do ? 
and if using firefox display nothing 
what's this do ? 
As Sajuuk has briefly mentioned above, while it won't be difficult to "sniff" out who uses FireFox,
some users may consider it to be harassment. 
And I think Azareal would like Firefox users informed that their browser is recommended.
I must live in a different world .. to me if the display is right and as the coder intended
(developed on a certain browser) there is no need to congratulate them on their choice of browser,
however if the user is using an un supported or less supported browser, it could be advertised that
better results could be achieved using a different browser. To me seeing the nag message when you
are using the correct browser smacks of .... 'theses guys have no clue what so ever ... I am using
firefox ' but I guess your right 

what's this do ?