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Plugin abilities
does the core code have some form of code insertion routine into the core or does it rely on the
plugin running as a stand alone ?
 is the plugin code is injected into the core or is the plugin code ran in it's own file and just
picks up functions from the core ?

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We have a Hook System and an Internal API.
it would be good to have some code so we know the structure & hooks
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6 months have passed since my last post .... and we don't appear to be any further forward .... has
this project been abandoned ?

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This project is far from abandoned. Recently, I've had the opportunity to hear about some of the
great ideas Aza has for this forum software. The reason why he may not have spoken much is due to
the fact that he is working hard to move further forward with this project.

Thanks for asking this, as I'm sure many other visitors may find this useful as well. 
well there does not appear to have been much done !!! to maintain interest with in the project
perhaps the coders should add new functions & bug fixes 
personally I am still waiting a download link of atom so I can code some plugins ...  there is no
documentation of the api so even if the project is not ready for download I have no idea on how the
api works 

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No one has replied at the time of this message ... so perhaps the project is dead ... you would
expect if there was an interest from the site staff there may be a few more replies 

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Can you actually stay on-topic?
If you want to discuss the project's activity then, open a topic in the appropriate place.

Quite honestly, I've gotten somewhat burned out of having just about every competing forum developer on the face of the planet descending upon me, and nitpicking every little problem which they could find (Hohoho, one of the boxes is a pixel out of alignment, what a pile of trash). I don't have the patience to play politics with the forum developer community, these days.

And honestly, many of the changes have been fairly mundane or behind the scenes, which is not going to really interest anyone.
We've gotten to the point where we're already deploying the software on live sites.

Just because no one posts on here doesn't mean I'm not doing anything, but I really don't see the point in posting on here, these days. When something big happens, I'll make an announcement, otherwise.. Meh.
Thats cool can you give me a url for a deployed site ?
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These websites are being developed by individuals who are working closely with the AtomBB project. Sometimes, this could involve bug fixes. It would be best if the site owners presented their own use of AtomBB when they are ready.