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New editor?
As I'm sure we're aware of already, sometimes the current editor doesn't load and requires a few
refreshes to make it appear. This isn't good behaviour, but finding an editor to replace it is

There are a few routes to take for this:
* Keep the current editor and just make improvements to make it work for AtomBB
* Choose a new editor that will work natively in AtomBB.
* Choose a new editor and make improvements to make it work in AtomBB.

If we go the route of adding a new editor, I'd like to recommend TinyMCE. It has some decent
features, includes a BBCode plugin and is quite customisable. It also appears to be quite a small,
lightweight package so would not make a major impact on performance (and it can be tweaked to only
load on specific pages)

CKEditor is a popular editor that might be good and appears to have widespread usage. The problem is
that it appears to be a larger, more weighty package and might impact on performance with all the
feature it includes.

Discuss :)

- Sajuuk

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ckeditor is as large as you build it to be (by adding or removing modules & plugins) personally I
find writing custom jquery functions easy for ckeditor ... 

what's this do ?