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Alerts don't clear
The alert feed doesn't seem to clear its state, which means that there will be alerts that you have
already read, which is misleading as people will think they are getting new alerts when it's old
alerts they've seen.

The system should update the record when the alert icon is clicked to show them all as being "read",
or at least only marking them read when a user clicks on a specific alert item.

- Sajuuk

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I noticed that too ... I thought there may have been a setting in the usercp to mark alerts read and
just ignored it ... but on looking there appears to be no option so yes if you open the alerts list
it should either clear all alerts (on the premise you have seen them all) or ,as you say mark them
off. I prefer the former over the latter

what's this do ? 
The alerts should be removed from the alert list when you click on them now.
It is quite odd if you post you get a notification you posted  so on each post you make the count
increases ... I guess there is a reason for this ?

what's this do ? 
as you can not edit a post .. i forgot something (new notification) why would you need notification
of your own posts ?

what's this do ?