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Updates: Profile, Alerts, Friends and the Design Overhaul
I've disabled the auto drop-down feature which was applied to the Announcements forum, as the effect was getting on the annoying side. If anyone wants this to be re-enabled then, please say so. You can see the effect in action by clicking the drop-down icon on any forum.

The profile system has mostly been completed although, certain features like the friends feature will be implemented seperately and the notifications will be implemented as part of the Alerts System work. Additionally, the current design for it is temporary, as the proper design heavily relied on some changes which are being made during the Design Overhaul.

A new profile setting will be added which will allow you to always load a specific theme for your profile and a similar feature will be implemented on a per-forum basis for administrators to use.

Alerts System: Alongside the Design Overhaul, an alerts system will be implemented. An alerts system is where the system will push notifications to you in near realtime (configurable) when something happens in the form of a nice little drop-down at the top. It's very common in the paid forum software.

Design Overhaul: As you may have noticed, it has already begun. We have scrapped the old header and replaced it with something which you may have seen before. Indeed, the Control Panel header will serve as the base for the new AtomBB Header. Some nice little touches include improving the responsive design.

Friends System: Lower priority. Might be tied into the "Follower" system to give you notifications when they post. You can lock your profile down to only friends, if you wish. Friends will be more visible on widgets like Who's Online.

This is what I'm currently working on. Things which will take place after this are on my Alpha 2 Roadmap.
The Design Overhaul is coming along nicely along with the Alerts System.
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Looks promising so far. Can't wait to test out a public release. :)
Ignore the thick borders. That'll be fixed soon.
Latest version of the theme.
I'm liking the latest preview. The criss-cross background is more noticeable and brings the rest of the page into focus.
- Sajuuk

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This is what the Forum Manager should look like on a tablet (it's possible to drag the forums around to reorder them).

The new Permissions UI which I've been working on for a while, the Penalty Manager and a third feature (it's going to be a surprise!) are going to be announced together. The Perms UI is complete, the Penalty Manager depends on some dependencies and the third one hasn't begun yet.
does it need to have mobile support yet ?? 
I would stick to desktop & the differences browsers can do before going for a mobile version

what's this do ? 

does it need to have mobile support yet ??

Yes, mobile devices are becoming the norm for a lot of people, supporting them is a must early on to grab the market quickly.

- Sajuuk

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Experimenting with the layout and the user ribbons.

Might need the GD Library for a Ribbon Generator, which should allow you to select out gradients with a colour picker. (Hmm.. I wonder if I could apply this to the entire theme..)
Not bad on the coding for here.
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You should get an alert when someone upvotes one of your posts.
Same with mentions. You should be auto-subscribed to topics that you create now, so you should start receiving alerts for them.
The option to subscribe / unsubscribe to/from specific topics has been added to the Topic Context Widget (the one that you can see on the right of every topic).

The Topic Context Widget is no longer visible to guests now.

The Menu Manager has been added to the Control Panel, and the system now uses the new Menu System instead of using hard-coded templates for the menu.
Added the ability to add "custom content" to your profiles, inspired by wiki User Pages.
My profile is an example of this new feature.